Versilia Vintage Ambra Mediterranea

Amber, Oriental

Eau de Parfum


The elegance of grey amber and the serenity of orange. The sweetness of ylang-ylang, the warmth of cedar wood. Gentle luminous notes, which evoke atmospheres of a calm deep Mediterranean.

Dal diario del Maître Parfumeur

It was in the Sixties. During the summer I took a quiet ferry toward the islands of the archipelago. They were short trips in search of those magnificent, solitary places set in the blue Tyrrhenian sea. In the small harbours, echoes of fantastic stories, tales of distant lands, of flowers and perfumes; and merchandise of rich colours, of every kind and from every place… Then my journey continued on in my imagination, beyond the seas and the oceans, veering off through dream and discovery. They were the years of the New Frontier. The spirit of those times lives on, intact, in this perfume of mine.

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