Mythical Woods

Woody, orientale

Eau de Parfum


A new season, a new tomorrow. A voyage into an intriguing elsewhere. A hint of agarwood softened by sandalwood, amber, and the perfect companion, saffron


From the diary of the Maître Parfumeur

«Summer is over. With renewed pleasure, I stroll again through the pine groves in Versilia, imagining who has walked these paths before me and inhaled these same scents of wood and grass. I breathe in deeply and their essence enters my lungs, where I already jealously conserve the salt spray of my homeland. But this combination is not enough. My mind whirls and my thoughts fly back to the past and forward to the future. I want to both explore and reunite, to find something that is new but also smells of home. Wood and ginger, honey and saffron, future and legend. This is how I compose my new symphony of fragrance. »

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