Home Fragrances

To find oneself inside a melody. To love a colour. To lose oneself in volumes of light and shade. Much of what we are derives from what we feel. The Pleiades are notes which follow the score of our senses. Sometimes they make us happy. At others they reawaken melancholy. They exhalt our calm or stimulate our vital energy. They pronounce the hours of the day. They are places we love.

A fragrance exists for every instant and every place. It hovers in the air. It is the perfumed background of a hotel. The scented stage of a shop. Happy time spent at home. Hours in the office. The delicious air of a holiday. A trace of honey or tea which takes us back to the family. Musk, basil, juniper: and we are in the garden with our friends…

Perfumed air as in cristal stars, diamonds of pleasing natural aromas. A pleade of good sensations. Constellations of pleasure. Fruit of long selection – of rare, sometimes unique ingredients which Perfumes of Forte, can ably mix for our well being. For every nuance of our feeling.